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Established in 2010 in LAVA cafe, the general sessions are inclusive events that bring together all jam formats with a focus of encouraging songwriting in the international and local Brussels community.

We aim for a respectful environment where musicians, singers and lovers of music and musicians can come together and share. Time slots are usually between 10 and 30 minutes. The earlier you arrive the better your chances!


To maintain optimum atmosphere and sound quality, if you would like to perform, please go through the gate-keeper provided:

Talk to the host as early as possible and inform him/her of your designs and microphone/sound requirements and who (if anyone) you want to play with.

The General Jam is a philosophy that respects all artists, all formats and, where possible, all instruments and ideas. Singer/songwriters are encouraged to lead jams and play with new people. Playing solo can also be arranged.

If you want to improvise or lead a jam around your new song or an old standard or cover, you are most welcome.


The Open Mic. refers to an opportunity for singers and songwriters to lead the jam. It does not mean grabbing the microphone during someone else's performance. If you would like to lead the jam as a singer or share your vocals in a jam, please speak to the General on-scene as soon as possible.

*** Some microphones are checked for harmonica's and some performances and time-slots have been reserved by early arrivals. Whatever you want to do can be arranged if you follow general procedure. Please bring your own guitar and jack. In different jams instruments are provided:


House acoustic guitar


House piano, house bass, house cajon


House drums, keys, amps


Drums, amps


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